It's super easy actually!  Just follow the steps below.

Firstly, in order for us to transfer your balance from the app to your bank account (Turkey), Paypal (Canada, US) , Paytm (India), Amazon gift card (Canada, India) your account balance needs to be at least 50 TRY, 10 USD, 10 CAD, 10 AZN, 5000 KZT or 250 INR. You can check this by going to the Profile section of the app and checking there. 

Once there, you can click on the down arrow in the "Your Balance" circle to withdraw the funds to your Paypal account.

If you have previously linked a Paypal account to Bounty, you will see the screen as below, you can submit your payment request by clicking the `` Send Your Payment Request '' button at the bottom of this screen.

If you didn’t add any PayPal account you Bounty, click on the “+ Add New” button at the bottom of the page.

 After adding your PayPal information, click on the “Request a Payment” button and you’ll be good to go!

That is all you need to do! This is what we call a Payment request. Any Payment requests made before Thursday 10pm EST will be paid out on Friday! If you missed the Friday, no worries. We pay every Friday!

Please note: Your funds will be in the currency of your Paypal account. The exchange rate is also set by Paypal.