So, your submission has been rejected and unfortunately, that make you sad, along with us. You’ve spent time on that submission, and we understand - therefore, we’d like to explain what you need to do.

There are a couple of things you need to know about evaluation process of submissions. Our Operations Team is examining all submissions we received on their very detail. On these examinations, we’re listening voice recordings, evaluating photographs sent, verifying location information.

In addition to these, all tasks created on the platform are getting opened for a reason - for an aim to be achieved. Our Operations Team, are trying to explain every aspect of tasks on the detailed description.

Therefore, we need to complete tasks according to the criteria mentioned on the detailed description. Every skipped condition, can create a rejection if it affects the answer in a major way.

Photograph and voice quality is another important issue we need to consider. If the quality of these multimedia elements is low, we might need to reject the submission

Another reason may be that the task was done in the wrong location. You should always consider the address and make sure you are doing the task in the right place.

If your work was rejected, you can see the reason for it in the "Rejected" tab in the tasks section, which you can access from your profile. Here you can find detailed instructions about how you can see the reason for a task rejection.

If you think you’ve completed the task according to the criteria, and the quality of your answers was good - please do not hesitate to contact us.