If this happens please reach out to us via the support button or send an e-mail to bounty@twentify.com. A member of our team will look into it. If the address we gave you (not the GPS pin) is wrong, we will pay you the reward of the related task.

However, you still can complete the task by following the steps below.

 First Step

Turn around 360 degrees, and check your current location one more time - just to be sure about the store.

 Second Step

Location on the app might be a little bit out, therefore, take your current location as a center and search for the place within 200 meters. If you find that place, complete the task on that location.

Third Step

Still no luck? It’s OK, claim the task. Inside the task, take pictures of the location and prove that place is not located on the location the app shows. On the text questions inside the app (if there is), mention that you’ve followed these steps.

After we receive your submission, our team will evaluate the task and check the location, then you will be paid when the location is confirmed to be incorrect.